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Model Spotlight

Meet Melvin Lee Walker:

 Model Public Figure Entertainer

                                       Washington, DC | Maryland


Welcome into the world of Mr. Melvin Lee Walker, also known as Duke Walker, one of the hardest working, motivational pounding, and trend setting person in the modeling/musical industry. Melvin is forcing his way into the main stream platform in 2015 with his honorable appearance and performance as a runway model at D.C. Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week and his new hit collaboration MABE. Before the transition to Duke Walker, Melvin positively graced Prince George County, Maryland with his presences from birth to adulthood. 

Giving credit to his mother & aunt, Melvin was raised in a strong structure home, sharing responsibilities with his five siblings. At a young age, Melvin prepared himself to battle the negative environmental odds that victimized so many of the African American youth in his community. Deciding to join the United States Air Force as the first step to pursuing his dreams, Melvin began his journey of personal development.

While serving and fighting for his country, Melvin continued to advance himself by attending college and becoming a leader of guidance. The education, skills and positive influence that Melvin obtained in the military quickly transferred into verbal life lessons through modeling and music. Knowing that he has a life full of experience, Melvin adopted the name King Dominance and began to project his life lessons through a microphone and on many runway shows. Placing his entrepreneurial mind to work, Duke Walker is now fulfilling his musical, professional and modeling dreams, along with preparations for breaking into the movie industry as an actor.

With all of the pieces falling into in his life, King Dominance hold his faith near and dear to his heart, and will continue to grace the world with positive messages and display of motivation. As King Dominance continues on his journey, he hopes to share his love, inspiration and conscience music with your city. Enhancing the world one city at a time is the future agenda for the Maryland native. Change your life by changing your thinking; let King Dominance lead the way."

Talk Media Africa Interview Link:

Melvin Lee Walker 


•Fresh from signing to Bucceri Elite Modeling Agency

•Honorable appearance and performance as a runway model at D.C. Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, D.C. Swim Week

•Started his career here in the Washington, DC/DMV area in pursuit of Modeling and Entertainment


African American

Primary Residence: ​

Washington, D.C. | Maryland

Agencies: Bucceri Elite Modeling Agency

Known for: Acting and Modeling

Languages: English 

Height: 6'2

Weight: 175 lbs.

Listen to Melvin Lee Walker Music:

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