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Model Spotlight

Selemawit Yirga Bekele - Braids.jpg
Selemawit Yirga Bekele - Head Shot Mesh
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Meet Selemawit Yirga Bekele:

Model/Brand Ambassador


This beauty is about business… Meet Selemawit!!

Ethiopian born Selemawit Yirga Bekele is a graduate of Dill University where she studied literature; and she studied at the Wegagen College where she studied general film arts. She began her training to become a model at Hurra Modeling School. 

Besides her education as she discovered the magic of fashion Selemawit (which means “Peace”) she decided to become a model after winning the “Miss Green Hawassa, Ethiopia” beauty pageant. After receiving the crown, she became a dedicated spokesperson on Environmental Protection Awareness which has lead her to many opportunities and experiences to further enhance her runway and photography modeling career in Ethiopia and in the USA

After working with so many talented designers and photographers over the past several years in walking for fashion weeks in New York City and Washington, DC she considers herself an extremely professional, passionate, and confident model. She is currently the A brand ambassador for Tatiana Cole Designs and she has graced the cover for Fashion Avenue Magazine.

Selemawit wants to become more involved with the fashion industry. She would love to be a true expert with obtain the knowledge, success and experience to grow into the role of a super model. She wants to use her beauty and her career for the “greater good” and leave a positive change in the world. It is her plan to become a source of motivation for the younger generation.

Selemawit Yirga Bekele - Award.jpg
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